• Vital sign monitoring for early detection of exacerbation
  • Review alerts
  • Medication reminders
  • Review and develop action plan based on trends
    • Benefits of Telehealth :

      • Reduced hospitalization and prevention of re-hospitalization
      • Reduced emergency room visits
      • Mitigation of preventable of complications
      • Improved clinical outcomes
      • Increased patient satisfaction
      • Cost savings for insurance providers

      Provide support for home health agencies:

      • Competitive advantage for home health – if they don’t have infrastructure or dedicated resources they can outsource to BridgeCare


      • Telehealth — daily blood pressure, weight, and pulse oximeter reading transmitted to BridgeCare monitoring center
      • Review alerts and trends
      • Monitor treatment plan compliance – results available to home health or others via cloud based Electronic Medical
        Records system.